In art college, I went through a range of different subjects and experimented with different media for seven years continuously, including water-color, graphics, oil-painting and mural, and under the mural technique I learnt the Fresco-technique and egg-tempera- where egg yolk, linseed oil and mastic varnish are mixed in water in right proportions, but I hadn’t learnt any preservation techniques back then.

The watercolour that I got enamored by in college is known as the ‘Bengal School Wash Technique’, it’s a tedious process where one has to soak the paper in water after each layer of coloring till the final stage is reached. I continue to use this medium even now from time to time.

The turning point was my rediscovering the egg tempera - the discovery of the use of earth colours in egg tempera that imparts a new ruggedness to the surface making it possible for me to deal with contemporary subject matters without in any way compromising my search for a more physical mode of representation.

Around the same time that I discovered the advantages of egg tempera as a medium, I also began experimenting with the texture of the surfaces. In a number of canvases, I have used bits of fabric, usually string, jute or gauze, imparting a heterogeneous quality to the surfaces of the pictures...

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