This film reveals my thought, overwhelmed with outstanding beauty Of light, colours and images in this earth, Land, water, fire, air and sky, justify The expressions and feelings of mine. My observation is Mankind, How man has designed his life, since the discovery of fire, with lot of efforts and stability. And of course with their two hands. Hands bring forth the work, for food, paint, sculpt or labour.Also hands mould and offer, A prayer to Almighty, in this nature and time, Man, machine and music make the whole trip of mine a divine feel.

Trade of Flesh
The trade of flesh has always been a wide practice at various junctures of the human civilization yet what sets it apart in the present times is the fact that though we now live in a free and modern society, this very basic human right - of one's right over one's own body is violated ever so often. In exchange of money it has come to be sinfully simple to get a body - someone's soul, skull to skull, bone to bone - foraging every conceivable aspect of one's being. This film is a quest to find how much choice one has over being treated like a commodity, and how much can be salvaged in this chakravyuha of flesh trade. We have dialogues as reality in this film and a voice overlaid to relate to stories. This film trails a search and we want it pursued.

Jhinge Phool Chakud Chakud
I met Gautam Baul during one of my stays in Santiniketan, Birbhum, West Bengal and came to adore his music. This documentary trails the life of Gautam Baul singing with the changing of seasons through the year and includes his marriage in the customary baul style. Segments of Gautam’s guru’s teachings interspersed with Gautam’s song provide another view of the Baul way of living and help us understand their philosophies better.

Bhoomi Putra-Son of the soil
This documentary film narrates the horrors faced by the farmers of Nandigram at the hands of two rivaling political parties, one fighting for the farmers and the other against them, in the name of industrialization and is a vocal as well as a visual expression of my stand as a fellow human being and a painter. Having seen wrongful annexation of land from farmers by government as a child in my village I was greatly agitated by such happenings at various times and at various places in our country, which finally culminated into my making this documentary after the Nandigram massacre happened. I was particularly motivated after seeing the villagers fight back against the then government and have tried bringing a few little known facets of the tragedy to the general notice without making anything too obvious.

The Wall
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