Creation has led to a path of change, treading on which the world has come about many cycle of progressions - raising mountains from within seas while sinking land to add to the ever expanding realms of water bodies and breaking of Pangaea leading to the formation of continents. A similar transition is seen even in the evolution of the human kind initiated by natural disaster or the basic adaptation processes.

In retrospect I had to be a part of such processes of evolution myself, learning to live in various new cities coming from a village with an allusion to a perhaps bright future. Having taken my first steps in the twentieth century I made my way to the twenty-first through an intense amount of dedication to innovative work. I have been through many ups and downs in this journey called life and I have savoured every bit whether good or bad to the fullest.

Born to a humble farmer’s family in a village called Khanyadihi tucked away in a lesser-known pocket of West Bengal, I ran away to Kolkata filled with the essence of wet-earth in my very being aspiring to be the best I could. With this basic idea I enrolled myself to the creative world of art at Government College of Art and Craft – Kolkata, experiences from where has come to be a huge part of the person and the artist I am today.

Post education I shifted to the south of India taking up a job as an art teacher at a residential public school in Bangalore. Along with my work as a teacher I immersed my self in creating art in every possible form and dimension while I traveled my own country and the world. My exposure to various societies got me in touch with some remarkably talented and passionate individuals who helped me further enhance and achieve my creative pursuits.

People alone have not limited my inspiration; my work is also largely influenced by folk songs, lives of simple tribal people and their folk motifs. Having worked on such subjects I look forward to bridging these folk elements in my paintings with the contemporary.

Dwelling in the creative ambiance, time and again I have also stepped into voicing my opinion against social injustice through my paintings and documentaries. In recent times the massacre at Nandigram evoked some deep reactions in me, which I projected again on my canvasses and films. Looking back at my place of birth, acknowledging its fertile land, natural beauty and great resources of culture, art and history I wonder why people of Bengal are still starved not only for food but also otherwise?

I am not a politician nor am I social worker; I look at the world with my ever-curious eyes, I constantly try creating beautiful things with the few resources I have. My keenness to know and understand more has taken me far and wide where I showcased my work that usually gave people a window to India. During my visits to Europe I have always taken ample time off to observe the originals of the great masters like Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Constable, Turner, Picasso, Salvardor Dali and so on, visiting museums are a large part of my visits too. Trips to America have brought me closer to the contemporary work of present times and it has given me a huge platform to interact with artists of various other countries working with a million other media and styles.

While on such artistic expeditions few of the rarest and silver lined shows were - one held at the Toronto University where the University Museum collected my work, another held at Mr. Paul Getti’s home where personalities like Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs became my collectors and my shows at Jehangir- Mumbai has come to be a place where I have come across some of the most interesting art appreciators. Over the last three decades I have had more than fifty one-man shows and a similar number of group shows all over the globe and India.

To constantly create is my only job and the intellectual perquisites that come along are an immense drive for me. I hope to be able to show something new and different every time be it the subject or the medium. I have begun experimenting with film making at this point hoping to reach further depths of human existence. Art is not only for art but it also is a way of life and I aspire to be able to involve more and more people in this endeavor of mine.

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